Top-Quality Industrial Lubricants And Compressor Filters and Oils

BogTrotter Performance Products stocks a complete selection of industrial compressor filters and oils in Southeast Idaho. Reach out to request more information about these products and how they protect your compressors and equipment.

Air/Oil Separator Compressor Filters

These filters are installed in the oil/coolant system of rotary screw and some vane style compressors. We offer a complete line of high-efficiency separators designed to remove entrained air in compressors using either synthetic or petroleum-based oils and allow to operate effectively over wide pressure ranges withstanding maximum design differential collapse pressures.

Oil and Coolant Filters

We offer a full line of oil filters cross-referenced to your compressor. Manufactured with both resin-impregnated cellulose and high-performance micro-glass for superior dirt-holding capacity, our oil filters meet or exceed all major OEM requirements.

Particulate and Coalescing Air Line Filters

Our coalescing filters are manufactured using a patented process that optimizes the filter performance and results in elements with lower differential pressure and higher particulate loading capacity. In most cases, our equivalent elements will exceed the filtration performance and flow rate capacity of the original equipment element.

Air-Intake Filters

We offer a full line of air-intake filters designed to eliminate contaminants in the air taken in by a compressor. Utilizing both cellulose resin-impregnated and synthetic polyester media, our air filters reach a minimum efficiency of 99.0% and a low 0.5” of water resistance at the rated flow.

Synthetic, Synthetic Blends, and Petroleum-Based Products

All of your needs are met with our synthetic blends, synthetic lubricants, and petroleum-based products. We have a wide variety of synthetic lubricants for gears and bearings, heavy-duty gears, hydraulic fluids, air compressor lubricants and coolants, refrigeration compressor lubricants, natural gas compressor lubricants, turbine oils, and heat transfer fluids.

Our synthetic blend line includes products ranging from hydraulic fluids and gear oils to air compressor lubricants. We carry products ranging from anti-wear hydraulic fluid to a full range of ISO viscosity-grade compressor oils.

Why install bogtrotters synthetic products in your facility?

Reduce Maintenance Costs - Synthetic lubricants combine superior lubricating properties with special antioxidant additives.

Reduce Lubricant Consumption - Synthetic lubricants’ excellent thermal stability, excellent shear properties, low volatility, and superior oxidation resistance result in significant reductions in lubricant consumption and wear when compared to conventional petroleum lubricants.

Energy Savings - A major economic advantage achieved by the use of synthetic lubricants is the improvement in mechanical and thermal efficiency that contributes to lower energy costs.

Operating Safety - The flash point of synthetic lubricants is approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheit higher than that of comparable petroleum products, making them safer for use.