High-Quality Lubricant and Chemical Products

BogTrotter Performance Products is a distributor and retailer of leading high-performance lubrication and chemical products in Southeast Idaho for automotive, commercial, and industrial applications. Contact us to learn more about our range of products.

Our Products:

  • Industrial Gear, Hydraulic Oil & Greases
  • Synthetic Compressor Oils
  • Race Products
  • Compressor - Air, Oil/Coolant Filters & Separator Elements
  • Cutting & Grinding Supplies
  • Bulk & Aerosol Industrial Paint
  • Premium Automotive Lube Products

Improve the Performance of Your Machine

Our products deliver performance benefits that normally cannot be attained with commonly available products. This gives you an added measure of efficiency and performance to protect your equipment and increase your potential profitability.

When You Need Superior Lubrication Performance

We are an authorized distributor of many specialty and high-performance lubrication products designed to enhance the performance of personal vehicles, commercial fleets, industrial equipment, and any application where superior lubrication performance is desired.

We serve you and your equipment lubrication needs by providing you with the right lubricant for your hardworking, advanced technology equipment while keeping premature wear and lifecycle costs to a minimum.