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Consumer Lubricants and Fuel Products in Idaho Falls, Idaho

Bogtrotter Performance Products in Idaho Falls, Idaho, stocks an extensive selection of consumer lubricants and fuel products. We have something for every application.

Our Complete Line of Racing Products:

   • Synergyn Oil Treatment
   • Synergyn Racing Oils 

• AMSOIL® Synthetic Lubricants
• VP Racing Fuels  

• Syngear® Lubricant Additive
• Slipkote® Hi-Zinc Oil Additive

Our Complete Line of Torco® Racing Fuels & Related Products:

   • Torco Methanol Enhancer
   • Manhattan Top Lube 
• Freeze-It® Cooling System Treatment
• Silicone Racing Brake Fluid
• Mach Series™ Race Fuel Concentrate
• Automotive Products

We stock the entire line of AMSOIL premium synthetics for automotive use. You'll also find recreational oils for motorcycles and ATVs.

Synergyn Performace Oil - Consumer Lubricants and Fuel Products in Idaho Falls, ID

AMSOIL - Consumer Lubricants and Fuel Products in Idaho Falls, ID
Torco Racing Fuels - Consumer Lubricants and Fuel Products in Idaho Falls, ID

Frequently Asked Questions
What Types of Products Does Bogtrotter Performance Products Offer?
We have lubricants for gears, bearings, hydraulics, air compressors, refrigeration compressors, vacuum pumps, turbine oils, heat transfer fluids blowers, and oven conveyor chains. We can cover all of your additive needs.

Why Should I Pay for Synthetic Products Over Petroleum Based?
Safety, cost efficiency, and maintenance are three main reasons why synthetic lubricants are better for you and your machine. In the long run, paying a little extra money for the synthetic products will save you money in maintenance and repairs.

Why Should I Get My Products from Bogtrotter Performance Products?
1. Reduce Maintenance Costs - Summit synthetic lubricants combine superior lubricating properties with special antioxidant additives.
2. Reduce Lubricant Consumption - Summit synthetic lubricants' excellent thermal stability, low volatility, excellent shear  properties, and superior oxidation resistance result in significant decreases in lubricant  consumption when compared to conventional petroleum lubricants
3. Energy Savings - A significant economic advantage achieved by the use of Summit synthetic lubricants is the improvement in thermal and mechanical efficiency that contribute to lower energy costs.
4. Operating Safety - The flash point of synthetic lubricants is approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheit higher than that of comparable petroleum products, making them safer products for use. 

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